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SAMBU CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD.(called SAMBU hereafter), founded in 1948, has been one of the leading construction companies maintaining the first business license of construction out of Korean construction industry on the basis of company philosophy that is Sincerity and Diligency, Mutual Collaboration, and Ability Development.

And the construction spirit originated from Sincerity and Reliability as founder's management philosophy is the priority value to the performance and the culture in the company, and this succession and reputation as the sincere construction company has been well acceded.

Now, greeting the globalization century, SAMBU built up and implemented the quality system, ISO-, EN-, DIN- 9001/KSA 9001 as International Standard in order to satisfy customer's various needs and want leadingly, thus making all customers related with SAMBU feel comfortable, warm and reliable.

On the basis of this conception, all management and employment shall have responsibility to understand, effectively perform, maintain, control and improve company's quality policy in order to succeed and moreover to develop SAMBU's spirit for the sincere and reliable construction.

To apply quality system effectively, the responsibility and authority of organization and each department's relationship shall be documented and maintained clearly in order to achieve the job efficiency and simplification. By doing so, customer satisfaction and efficiency of cost shall also be achieved.

On the basis of self-motivation and creativity all management and employees, including subcontractors are positively participating to practice the quality system in order to create the positive and future-oriented synergy as becoming a leading company of the construction industry.

The purpose of this quality is to successfully implement and promote synergy and finally to solidify our footing as the superexcellent-company that can contribute to the society for coexistence.

The management shall review the system by every regular period for control and improvement, and make all record being maintained, and appoint the manager controlling total quality management to assure the implementation of performance planning, verification and internal quality audits.